About Chris

Welcome, friends, to my little corner of this big online world.

It’s nice to meet you!

First, introductions – this is the “about me” page, after all.

I’m a New Brunswick native who grew up and achieved every young Canadian’s dream: to play professional hockey.

For three years, I manned the blue line for the Shreveport Mudbugs of the Western Professional Hockey League, and even got to hoist the league’s highest honor – the President’s Cup – twice.

2000 President Cup Champions - Back to back

2000 President Cup Champions – Back to back champs

That was pretty cool.


Once my playing days were done, I decided to bring that same fire and passion I played with to a new interest.  I brought all of the skills and attitude – the leadership, the communication, the toughness, the innovation, the never-say-die mentality – that I learned on the ice to a new venture: digital marketing (there are a lot less bruises and broken bones in this profession, for sure).

So, together with my brother, Adrian we created a brand-new  business:

Evolving Solutions.

What does Evolving Solutions do?

Simple. We make your customers fall in love with you!

Hey, after all, there’s a reason I call myself the “Chief Love Officer”.

Your customers will adore the fast, efficient communication and service you’ll provide after we’ve provided you with all of our digital marketing wisdom.

Don’t be surprised if they send you a Valentine’s Day card and take you out for a nice dinner! That’s how deep the feelings will go.

Evolving Solutions is here to make life easier for you to connect with your customers and get your message out through the digital world’s most popular platforms.

We cut through all of the noise to give you real-world answers to your digital marketing questions. Listen, it’s natural to need some clarity when it comes to social media and digital marketing.

It’s a wide and ever-changing world out there online – and we’re here to provide that clarity and that spark of inspiration that will make your customers smile and your bottom line healthy.

Other Stuff

This venture isn’t all that I’m about, either. Alongside Evolving Solutions, I’m also the co-founder of The Saltys, a groundbreaking celebration that honors the best in Saint John’s social media.

I’ve also had the pleasure of appearing on Wine Library TV (alongside my brother Adrian) and the man considered the “Oprah of digital marketing,” the great Gary Vaynerchuk.

So what’s next?

Well, if you’d like to connect, you can follow me on Twitter, on Facebook or on LinkedIn.

Or, just leave a reply below.  Whatever works for ya!

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