Blog Images Are The New Black. See How I Put This To The Test In This Post

Blogging isn’t just about publishing content, it’s about getting that content seen and shared across the great expanse of the Internet. When you think about it, publishing is really just the tool by which you gather potential clients and audiences so that they can either hear what you have to say, or buy what you have to sell. So what do blog images have to do with it? A lot, it turns out!

Did you know that Pinterest will generate 4 times more money per click than Twitter, and 27% more than Facebook? People really love to see interesting, compelling images – the numbers don’t lie. Simply creating a blog image that includes a price or some kind of call to action can increase your blog engagement by up to 44%!


Blog Images are Changing How Online Publishing Works

Have you ever wondered why some posts go viral on Facebook while others don’t? There’s a lot of science going on behind the scenes that has to do with search engine optimization and trending key words, but when it comes to images, the instructions fall short. Suffice it to say, your blog images need to be interesting and shareable! Facebook recently changed its algorithm to downgrade the importance of text posts in your fans’ news feeds, which means that now is definitely the time to get great share-worthy graphics!

LinkedIn probably doesn’t seem as fun or flashy as other social networking platforms, but with over 259 million users and more than 2 million groups, it’s a social channel that you can’t ignore. Since most of the LinkedIn audience is comprised of business owners and entrepreneurs, each individual visitor from this site is potentially more valuable than any other visitor. Posting images here results in a phenomenal 98% higher comment rate.

As for Twitter, over 190 million visitors are logging in to this social media outlet each month. How do you gain traffic from it? Blog photos, of course! Engagement is a full 200% higher for tweets with image links when compared to pure text. Why miss out on the image love-fest?

How Do You Create Share-worthy Graphics For Your Blog If You Don’t Have A Designer?

You can do this easily in one of two ways: DIY, or outsourcing. Don’t panic about your lack of skills just yet – as long as you are creative enough to have an idea, you are at least skilled enough to try your hand at design. Tools like PicMonkey can help you smooth out the rough edges and come up with some great, unique, share-worthy blog images. Even if the design process takes you 30 minutes, it’s statistically worthwhile.

Your graphics don’t need to be fancy and uber-professional; they just need to be compelling! If you aren’t an artistic type, outsource the job to a freelance graphic designer. You can find great freelancers at Fiverr, which I spoke about before and where each job only costs $5, and there are plenty of other networks and affordable designers out there.

According to some bloggers, custom images have generated 14-26% more traffic! Can you really afford not to use them? Exactly.

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