(Infographic) How Google Works…In Layman Terms

How can we improve our search engine rankings? We constantly get asked this question on a daily basis.

We usually try to explain this in it’s simplest form, but it can still be difficult to get the key points across when trying to explain this in words.

Well, look no further, Neal Patel at Quicksprout has taken the simple words and created this awesome animated infographic to help you get a better understanding of Google’s algorithm as well as to show you how some of Google’s features work.

Click on image below to see larger view.

(Infographic) How Google Works...In Layman Terms

Does this help you understand how to improve your rankings for your website?

3 thoughts on “(Infographic) How Google Works…In Layman Terms

  1. I was really excited to read this post but I think I am now even more overwhelmed and confused after. I will have to take a look again. Are their any tips on improving it from this dude?


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