I'm moving through some changes. -- YES


As the great rock band YES sang….

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Evolving Solutions New Design #3

Evolving Solutions – A New Era Online

Yes, I know it has been a long time coming, but we are here now.

How would you like to see Evolving Solutions on the web?

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Blog Images Are The New Black. See How I Put This To The Test In This Post

Blogging isn’t just about publishing content, it’s about getting that content seen and shared across the great expanse of the Internet. When you think about it, publishing is really just the tool by which you gather potential clients and audiences so that they can either hear what you have to say, or buy what you have to sell. So what do blog images have to do with it? A lot, it turns out!

Did you know that Pinterest will generate 4 times more money per click than Twitter, and 27% more than Facebook? People really love to see interesting, compelling images – the numbers don’t lie. Simply creating a blog image that includes a price or some kind of call to action can increase your blog engagement by up to 44%!

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(Infographic) How Google Works…In Layman Terms

How can we improve our search engine rankings? We constantly get asked this question on a daily basis.

We usually try to explain this in it’s simplest form, but it can still be difficult to get the key points across when trying to explain this in words.

Well, look no further, Neal Patel at Quicksprout has taken the simple words and created this awesome animated infographic to help you get a better understanding of Google’s algorithm as well as to show you how some of Google’s features work.

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Social and Search Rankings

Which Social Site Improves Your Search Engine Rankings?

To show you how social media impacts your search rankings, we decided to share this gifographic (animated infographic) that explains the correlation.

Do you like this gifographic and how do you plan to use this data for your business?

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